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111 Amazing Facts About Africa That Will Surprise You


Friends, welcome to myblogclick. Today I am sharing with you amazing and interesting fact about Africa in this article. I hope that you will really enjoy this. Let me tell you that Africa is the world second largest continent in this planet both in area and population. World’s most of the precious resources are in Africa.

The largest desert and longest river in the world as well as so many unique animals are in Africa. Do you want to know these amazing and interesting facts about Africa? Hence, this is one of the best article for you to know these unknown facts about Africa. Let us have a look.

Do you know that how many countries and territory in Africa? So, let me share with you the name of the countries before sharing with you the unknown facts.

There are 54 fully recognized countries, 9 territories and 2 de facto independent states (limited recognition) in Africa. Following are the name of the countries in alphabetical order.







Burkina Faso



Cabo Verde


Central African Republic (CAR)



Cote d’Ivoire


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)




Equatorial Guinea




























Republic of the Congo



Sao Tome and Principe



Sierra Leone


South Africa

South Sudan












Following are the territories in Africa.


  1. Canary Island
  2. French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  3. Lampedusa and Lampione
  4. Madeira
  5. Mayotte
  6. Melilla
  7. Plazas de soberania
  8. Reunion
  9. Saint Helena,Ascension and Tristan da cunha



Following are the two de facto independent states (limited recognition)


  1. Somali land
  2. Western Sahara

Friends, now let me share with you the amazing fact about Africa.

  • Africa is the second largest continent of the world in area (11.73 million square mile or 30.3 million square kilometers).
  • Africa covers 6% of Earth’s total surface area.
  • Africa covers 20.4% of Earth’s total land area.
  • Africa is the second most populous continent in the planet, Current population is 1,242,187,153 as of 14th May 2017.
  • Africa population is equivalent to 16.36% of the total world population.
  • Arabic is the largest spoken language (170 million) in the Africa.
  • One out of four the world’s language are spoken in Africa.
  • 50% of Africans are under age of 25.
  • The largest religion in Africa is Islam, followed by Christianity.
  • Africa is the world’s oldest populated area.
  • There are 2,000 recognized spoken languages in Africa.
  • Almost one third of spoken languages in the world, are in Africa.
  • Africa is the hottest continent in the world.
  • Algeria is the largest country (919,595 square mile) in area, in Africa.
  • Nigeria is the largest country (191,835,936) by population in Africa.
  • Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa, both is area and population.
  • The Nile (4258 mile) is the longest river in the world which is located in Africa.
  • Nigeria (GDP of $594.257 billion) is the largest economy in Africa.
  • Nigerian city Lagos (21 million) is the largest city of Africa.
  • Madagascar is the largest island in Africa.
  • The largest hot desert of the world is Sahara (3.5 million square miles or 9 million square kilometers), is located in Africa.
  • The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria (26,564 square mile).
  • Victoria Falls (355 feet) is the largest waterfall in Africa.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) is the highest mountain in Africa.
  • El Azizia, Libya is the hottest place on the Earth, is located in Africa.
  • Interestingly, both the prime meridian (0 degrees longitude) and the equator (0 degrees latitude) cut across Africa, so that it is the centrally located continent on the earth.
  • Africa is home of 25% world’s bird species.
  • The African elephant is the world largest land animal.
  • Africa’s Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.
  • Africa’s Gorilla is the largest primate in the world
  • Africa’s The Nile crocodile is the largest reptile in the world.
  • Africa produces one third of the world’s gold supply.
  • African country, The Republic of Congo is home to 30% of the world’s diamond reserve.
  • Two nations of Africa never colonized, they are Ethiopia and Liberia.
  • The Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt is world’s oldest literate and longest lasting civilization.
  • The shortest distance between Africa and Europe is only 8.9 miles or 14.3 Kilometers of Ocean.
  • Africa is three times bigger than Europe.
  • African country Gambia has only one university.
  • South Africa is containing 11 official language which is the world record so that it’s called rainbow country.
  • Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s only Spanish speaking country.
  • The Second Congo war claimed over 5.4 million lives and it’s the deadest worldwide conflict since World War II.
  • Angola has more Portuguese speakers than Portugal.
  • The Fish River Canyon, Namibia is the second largest canyon in the world.
  • Six out of ten countries with the largest annual net loss of forested area in Africa.
  • African were the first in the world to organize fishing.
  • Interestingly, The official title of Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator, was ‘ His Excellency , President For Life ,Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC(Victorious Cross ) , DSO (Distinguished Service Order ), MC (Military Cross ) ,Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular’.
  • South Africa has the most Grammy award winners in Africa.
  • Africans were the first in the world to engage in mining.
  • Arab tribe (100 million) is the largest tribe in Africa.
  • Spain’s has two exclaves in mainland Africa, are called Melilla and Ceuta.
  • Nigeria has the richest Black people in Africa.
  • According to Forbes 2017, Cape Town, South Africa is second largest tourist destination in the world.
  • Swaziland is the only remaining absolute monarch in the world.
  • The Giraffe is already extinct in at least 7 African nations.
  • Africans are the first in the world who craved colossal sculpture about 7000 years ago.
  • Pygmies are the shortest people in the world, live in Africa. The average main is 1.45 meter (4.34 feet ) and the women is 1.33 meter (4 feet)
  • Africa has more French speakers than France.
  • Africans are more physical variations than any other continent.
  • Ethiopia has the most airports in Africa.
  • Sudan has more pyramid than Egypt.

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  • The national flag of Mozambique is the only flag in the world which has the image of an AK-47 assault rifle embedded into it.
  • Rwanda is a better country for gender equality than USA and UK.
  • Four out of five the fastest land animals in the world are found in Africa. They are Cheetah, Wildebeest, Lion and The Thomson’s Gazelle.
  • Morocco is the most visited country in Africa.
  • Lake Asal in Djibouti is the lowest point of Africa. It is 502 feet (153 meters) below sea level.
  • Goliath frog is the biggest frog in the world which is found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
  • Graca Machel is the only woman to have been first lady of two separate countries (Mozambique and South Africa) in the world.
  • Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa.
  • Africa is home of 1,100 species of mammals.
  • Kalenjin tribe, Kenya produces most of the world’s fastest long distance runners.
  • Nigeria has the most monarchs in the world.
  • Witwatersrand is place in South Africa which supplies half of the gold on Earth.
  • Lesotho is the only country in the world to lie completely above 1000 meters in elevation.
  • Unfortunately top ten poorest country in the world are in Africa.
  • Three out of five the fastest growing economy in the world, are in Africa.These are Ethiopia-8.7% GDP (Second in the world ), Ghana-8.1% GDP (Third in the world ) and Cote d’Ivoire-8.1% GDP (Fourth in the world ).
  • Giraffe, Zebra, Gorilla, Hippopotamus, Chimpanzee and Wildebeest are the unique animal who are found only in Africa.
  • Ethiopia (8.7 % GDP) is the second fastest growing economy in the world.
  • Lake Malawi (500-1000 species) has the largest number of fish species in the world.
  • A person from Botswana is called a Motswana and the plural is Batswana.
  • A person from Lesotho is called a Mosotho.
  • A person from Niger is called a Nigerien.
  • A person from Burkina Faso is called a Burkinabe.
  • Tanzania has one of the world’s highest rates of Albinism. Albinos are often hunted by witch doctors to make potions.
  • The Wodaabe tribe people do not name their children till they reach twelve years old.
  • There are sixteen countries in Africa with higher vaccination rates than the USA.
  • There are three countries (Ethiopia,Ghana,Cote d’Ivoire ) in Africa with faster growing economy rates than China.
  • Zimbabwe is the only country in the world were almost everyone was a billionaire.
  • Africa has 30% of the world’s remaining mineral resources.
  • Facebook has 100 million active users in Africa.
  • The Sahara Desert is expanding in the south at a rate of about half a mile in a month.
  • Soccer (Football) is the most favorite sport in the Africa.
  • Half of the world’s diamond come from Africa.
  • The University of Karueein, Morocco is the oldest university in continuous operation. It’s established in 859 AD.
  • Nigeria has won more football cups than England.
  • Nigeria is the sixth largest oil exporter in the world.
  • The Surma tribe, Ethiopia is famous for their women wearing lip plates.
  • Cape Town is the top nine dangerous city in the world.
  • President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe is the oldest Head of State in the world.
  • The Hippopotamus is the deadest animal in Africa.
  • Amazing, Ten out of ten the highest degree holder head of states in the world, are in Africa.
  • President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe is the most educated Head of State in the world.
  • Africa had almost 10,000 states and autonomous groups with distinct languages and customs before it was colonized.
  • Unfortunately, 90% of all cases of Malaria worldwide occur in Africa.
  • There are an estimated 3,000 tribes in Africa.
  • Zimbabwe (90.75%) is the top most educated country in Africa.
  • President Banana was the first president of Zimbabwe.
  • One in every four adults is HIV positive in Swaziland.
  • Africa hosts world largest wildlife migration.
  • Africa has the world largest reserves of 40% the gold and 90 % of the platinum.
  • The Republic of Benin was independent less than a day.
  • Africa is home to 85% of world’s elephants.

Friends,I  hope you like this article about Africa.Please share with your friends and colleagues.


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