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47 Control Key Magic That Boost Your Efficiency


Hello Friends, welcome to myblogclick.Now we can learn about Control key or CTRL key shortcut. Let me tell you that Control key is a modifier key in the computer.

Do you know what modifier key is? Modifier key is the kind of key that modifies the action of another key when they pressed together. These are the example of modifier key: Control Key, Alt key and Shift Key.

So friends, let me take this step forward to share with you ….. Control key shortcut. If you learn these shortcut then it will boost your work efficiency.

  • CTRL + A – Select All.
  • CTRL + B- Bold the selected text.
  • CTRL + C- Copy the selected text.
  • CTRL + D- Bookmark on the browser.
  • CTRL + E- Centre alignment in the word file.
  • CTRL + F- Open find window.
  • CTRL + G- Open Find and replace window.
  • CTRL + I- Make the Italicize the selected text from non-italic text.
  • CTRL + J- Justify the selected text.
  • CTRL + K- Insert hyperlink in the selected text.
  • CTRL + L- Submit Line.
  • CTRL + M- Indent selected text
  • CTRL + N-Create a new document
  • CTRL + O- Open the file.
  • CTRL + P- Open print window.
  • CTRL + Q- Remove the Indent from selected text.
  • CTRL + R-Reload the page in the browser, Reply the email, Right align in the text .
  • CTRL + S- Save the document.
  • CTRL + T-Create a new tab in internet explorer.
  • CTRL + U- Underline the selected text.

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  • CTRL + V- Paste the copied text.
  • CTRL + W-Close the current document.
  • CTRL + X- Cut the selected text.
  • CTRL + Y- Redo the any action in the document.
  • CTRL + Z- Undo the any action in the document.
  • CTRL+WINDOW KEY+F- Open the find computer box
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL-Switch user, Screen logout.
  • CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR-Preview the desktop in the full screen mode.
  • CTRL+SPACE-Remove the formatting.
  • CTRL+ENTER-Send the email in the.
  • CTRL+DEL-Delete the file.
  • CTRL+ESC-Open the start screen.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ESC-Open the task manager.
  • CTRL+TAB-Move through the tabs in the current dialog box.
  • CTRL+TAB+SHIFT-Move backward through the tabs in the current dialog box.
  • CTRL+RIFGT ARROW-Move the cursor to the begging of the next word.
  • CTRL+LEFT ARROW- Move the cursor to the begging of the previous word.
  • CTRL+UP ARROW- Move the cursor to the begging of the previous paragraph.
  • CTRL+DOWN ARROW- Move the cursor to the begging of the next paragraph.
  • CTRL+F1-Remove the bar.

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  • CTRL+F2- Document preview.
  • CTRL+F4- Save the document
  • CTRL+F6-Tab the document.
  • CTRL+F10-Minimize the document window.
  • CTRL+F12-Open the file window.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+N-Create a new folder.
  • CTRL+ALT+END-Display the security dialog box.

Friends,Did you learn these magic trick of control key ?So kindly share this articles with your friends and colleague.Have a good day.

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