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55 Smart Tricks For Mozilla Firefox That Will Make You Smart How to Browse Mozilla Firefox


Hello friends, welcome to myblogclick. Today is World Environment Day. However, you can see myblogclick status for this. Today, I am sharing with you some smart way to handle internet browser. In the matter of fact, I am sharing with you world’s second popular web browser, is called Mozilla Firefox.

Have you ever used Mozilla Firefox? If you have not yet try Mozilla Firefox then try to browse Mozilla Firefox with the tips which are mentioned in this article. I am certain, you will really enjoy.

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the faster and most popular web browser in the world. In fact, it is second most popular web browser in the world in 2016.Mozilla Firefox devolved by Mozilla Foundation on dated 23rd September 2002.

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Mozilla Firefox operates on Windows, macOS and Linux operating system. In fact, you can browse Mozilla Firefox in Android mobile phones. Hence, friends let us have a look these smart tricks for Mozilla Firefox.


  1. CTRL+D -Bookmark for current page.
  2. CTRL+E – Move the cursor to the search box.
  3. CTRL+ F- Search the any text or word in the open web page.
  4. CTRL + G – Find again in search option.
  5. CTRL + H- View the browsing history.
  6. CTRL + I – Display the bookmarks page/pages
  7. CTRL + J – View the download window.
  8. CTRL + K – Move the cursor to the search box.
  9. CTRL + L – Move the cursor to the address box.
  10. CTRL + M- Mute or unmute the audio.
  11. CTRL + N – Open the new browsing window.
  12. CTRL + O – Open the file window.
  13. CTRL + P – Print the current page.
  14. CTRL + T – Open a new tab.
  15. CTRL + U – Page Source.
  16. CTRL + W- Close the selected tab.
  17. CTRL + -Increase the font size.
  18. CTRL – -Decrease the font size.
  19. CTRL + 1 – Select first tab.
  20. CTRL + 2 – Select second tab.
  21. CTRL + 3– Select third tab.
  22. CTRL + 4– Select forth tab.
  23. CTRL + 5– Select fifth tab.
  24. CTRL + 6– Select sixth tab.
  25. CTRL + 7– Select seventh tab.
  26. CTRL + 8– Select eighth tab.
  27. CTRL + 9 – Select last tab.
  28. CTRL +F4 – Close the tab.
  29. CTRL +F5 -Refresh the page.
  30. CTRL + TAB- Moves through each of the open tabs.
  31. CTRL + END- Move tab in focus to end.
  32. CTRL + ENTER – Quickly complete .com address.
  33. SHIFT + ENTER – Quickly complete .net address.
  34. SHIFT +SPACEBAR – Move up a page.
  35. SPACEBAR – Move down a page.
  36. ALT + HOME- Open the homepage.
  37. ALT + RIGHT ARROW – Forward the page.
  38. ALT + LEFT ARROW – Backward the page.
  39. CTRL +SHIFT+DELETE –Open the clear data window.
  40. CTRL +SHIFT+ENTER – Quickly complete .org address.
  41. CTRL +SHIFT+A – Add-ons tool
  42. CTRL +SHIFT+B – Open the bookmarks library.
  43. CTRL +SHIFT+D – Bookmark all tabs.
  44. CTRL +SHIFT+H – Open history library window.
  45. CTRL +SHIFT+N – Undo close window.
  46. CTRL +SHIFT+P –Open the private browsing window.
  47. CTRL +SHIFT+T – Undo close tab.
  48. CTRL +SHIFT+W – Close window.
  49. ESC –Stop downloading page.
  50. F3-Find again command.
  51. F4- Manage the search engine.
  52. F5- Refresh the webpage.
  53. F6-Select location bar.
  54. F7- Caret Browsing.
  55. F11- Display the page in full screen mode.

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Friends, I hope you like this article. Kindly share this article with your three friends or colleagues who can also learn these smart keys to browse the second popular web browser in this planet. Have a good day and connect with myblogclick to get latest update.

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    I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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