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How To Use 53 Function Keys That You Must Know


Hello friends! Welcome to myblogclick.To improve our computer skill in our day-to-day life, we have to know that how to use function keys. Do you know function is called Fn key as well? Anyway, if we know the function key shortcut way then we’ll improve our productivity as well as our computer skill. So I am sharing with you some function key tips in this articles.And I am certain, you will really enjoy this.


  1. F1-Help for Microsoft office.
  2. F2- Move text.
  3. F4-Repeat the last action.
  4. F5-Go to Home tab.
  5. F6-Go to the next pane.
  6. F7- Spelling command for review rab.
  7. F8-Extend a selection.
  8. F9- Update the selected fields.
  9. F10-Key Tips.
  10. F11-Go to the next field.
  11. F12-Save As
  12. CTRL+F1-Expand the ribbon
  13. CTRL +F2-Print preview
  14. CTRL +F3-Cut to the spike
  15. CTRL+F4-Close the window
  16. CTRL+F6-Go to next window
  17. CTRL +F9-Insert an empty field
  18. CTRL+F10-Maximize the document window
  19. CTRL+F11-Lock a field
  20. CTRL+F12-Open command
  21. ALT+F1-Go to next field
  22. ALT+F3-Creat a new building block
  23. ALT+F4-Exit 2010 word file
  24. ALT+F5-Restore the program window size
  25. ALT+F6-Back to the document from an open dialogue box
  26. ALT+F7-Check the grammatical error
  27. ALT+F8-Run a macro
  28. ALT+F9-Switch between all field code and their result
  29. ALT+F10-Display the visibility of task pane
  30. ALT+F11-Display Microsoft visual basic code
  31. SHIFT+F1- Offline help
  32. SHIFT+F2- Copy text
  33. SHIFT+F3-Letter case changes
  34. SHIFT+F4-Repeat a find
  35. SHIFT+F5 –Move to the last change
  36. SHIFT+F6-Go to the previous pane
  37. SHIFT+F7-Choose the thesaurus command
  38. SHIFT+F8- Selection size reduce
  39. SHIFT+F9- Switch between field code and its result
  40. SHIFT+F10-Display shortcut menu
  41. SHIFT+F11-Go to the previous field
  42. SHIFT+F12- Save the file
  43. CTRL+ALT+F1-Display Microsoft system information
  44. CTRL+ALT+F2-Open the file
  45. CTRL+SHIFT+F3-Insert the content of the spike
  46. CTRL+ALT+F5- Bookmark edit
  47. CTRL+ALT+F6- Go to previous window
  48. CTRL+ALT+F7-2010 word file update link information
  49. CTRL+ALT+F9-Unlink a field
  50. CTRL+ALT+F11-Unlock a field
  51. CTRL+ALT+F12-Print the document
  52. ALT+SHIFT+F1-Go to previous field
  53. ALT+SHIFT+F10-Display a menu

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